Delivery safely and on time with our logistic team

Delivery  safely and on time  with our logistic team
To begin the shipping operation, the building will be fully inspected to ensure that all units are finished and there are no issues with the quality of the fabrication. If any issues are found during this inspection, the engineering supervisor will be notified immediately to fix the problem. Following the inspection, any additional materials necessary for the complete installation of the building will be gathered, packaged, and labeled to be sent to the job site. All of these measures are taken to maximize the overall quality of the project. At Alebtihal, we take the hassle out of delivering prefab buildings. We manage the entire process, from transport to expert installation. We'll design a specific plan for the delivery of your prefab building, taking into account factors such as restricted access sites, health and safety regulations, sensitive locations, and remote areas. We ensure the safe and cost-effective transportation of your prefab building from the off-site factory to the on-site construction area by partnering with experienced moving companies. Our buildings are transported by land, sea, or air, anytime and anywhere in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia. We believe that there is nothing more important than delivering exceptional service with dependability and innovation.
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