Management for Prefabricated and Modular Building Projects

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 Our prefab buildings require dedicated project managers, checking that everything is done to plan, correctly. This involves working from the premier brief, through pricing, planning, designing, scheduling, building, installing, testing and completion – gaining approval and sign off from our clients, every step along the way.

Alebtihal is organized of expert project managers that pride themselves on ensuring each customer’s needs are met in a professional and timely fashion. We bring a culmination of experiences across a variety of industries and climate conditions to every project. This means no one is more capable of flawlessly handling your next project than Alebtihal .

With more than 17+ years of prefab buildings management experience, we partner with clients, design teams and builders to deliver projects that set new standards in quality, cost savings and timeliness. Our building management team has overseen hundreds of projects throughout the Germany, France, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Palestine, Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya., tailoring our approach each time to achieve client goals.

Alebtihal  years of portable buildings and development expertise, which is essential to the management of planning, programming, financial analysis, design, construction, commissioning and faltering of a project, set us apart from the competition
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