About Us

ALEBTİHALAK COMPANY was established in Turkey in 2013 with the efforts of engineers with experience since 2020 in the field of supplying, installing and equipping the sites of oil companies, universities, educational institutions and offices, for government and private institutions.
The company has implemented many projects in Libya, Africa and Turkey, where it has met the needs of companies and private and governmental institutions in these countries to build labor sites, schools, universities, homes and prefabricated villas. In addition to securing the full equipment of kitchens and furniture for buildings, starting with doors, security equipment, fire extinguishing equipment, sterilizers, and ending with stationery and office tools.
Our company has also provided many services to organizations and charitable institutions around the world.
In 2015, the company’s field of work was expanded by adding new services, including the establishment of companies and consultancy related to the commercial system in Turkey and related legal systems, in addition to logistical services such as international shipping around the world, customs clearance and safe packaging with high quality specifications.
The company has contracted with many international Turkish companies that manufacture equipment for schools and educational institutions to facilitate meeting the needs of our customers in African countries and the Middle East, and our company is the exclusive agent for some of these companies in African countries and the Middle East as well.
Commitment is the code of honor that we contract with our customers, and professionalism from the beginning of the contract until the delivery of the service or product is our goal.
Abdul Razzaq Al-Senfaz
Abdürrezzak Sanfaz
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